From the age of twelve, I knew within me that there is a sacred place in which one can feel whole and joyful at all times. From my understanding, that is what most spiritual seekers want and that is what everyone seeks knowingly or unknowingly.

If you are reading this, you are surely on the path of exploring how you can feel more connected to your true self, right? You may have had times when you found peace and joy no matter what, and other times when you drifted away from your center and struggle became your dominant experience. It happens to all of us until we become more established in the heart space of our inner essence. It’s an ongoing journey indeed for us all!

What I have observed throughout the years, with some students and some of my coaching clients, is how the fear of transformation holds them back.

After having done a great deal of inner work, people seem to ride the wave of coming closer to themselves; however once they start feeling a tiny taste of that or once they beginning feeling just a little more aligned, they suddenly vanish and deprive themselves of the gift of truly becoming who they want to be as they fall back to old patterns or get lost in activities that won’t serve them. They hide, often out of shame or guilt. This is very understandable as the unknown and the new can make us feel unsafe and on shaky grounds. Know that shame and guilt happens to most of us and that you are never alone!

Here are some of the things we say to ourselves that prevent us from getting back on track: ‘I don’t have time’, ‘one day possibly’, ‘I have to do this instead or first’, ‘I don’t have the money’, ‘I want to but I also don’t’, ‘I can’t give myself permission to spend time on that, that’s too indulging’, ‘I have such and such obligation/duty’, ‘who am I to…’ etc.  These are just signs of resistance and fear. The excuses are infinite, these are sabotage mechanisms.

What we often don’t understand is that:

1)    All these are energies or thoughts patterns that dis-empower us! These thoughts vibrate in our energy centers and create blocks.

These are the energies of:

  •  doubt
  • not good-enough patterns
  • scarcity mentality
  • denial
  • obligations that disconnect us from our heart ( over masculinated ways)

2)    Everything that we create and choose to do or be in our life is a reflection of our inner being…so we might as well take care of that {our inner being} first! What do you reckon?



 If there’s anything in your life that you wish to transform, these four key secrets will help you get where you want to be when you feel open for your sacred shift.

(which by the way is nothing more than revealing more of your true self to yourself + life!)

   ~ Quote by the beautiful Danielle Laporte ~

Here we go, here’s how:

1- Connect with your heart’s desire (Sankalpa)

It all begins with an intention that is genuinely connected to your heart!

Additionally, you need to know your ‘why’ because that’s your motivation (eg I want to transform this because…or I want to open up to that because…I feel I need to change that because…). Inspire yourself with your ‘WHY’!


2-Your anchor is the power of commitment (Ishta Shakti)

This is extremely important! If you are not committed, you will drop at the first blow!

Your commitment is a strong foundation that opens doors to what you need to manifest your intention

(eg. meeting the right person, coming across the right program for you, the perfect book…).

Your commitment is your rock. It’s your balanced masculine super power anchor!


3- Openness to the feminine : transformation = the feminine

The above won’t work if you are not open and receptive in your heart because you may not read the signs externally as well as internally! You may not see that such and such is lending you a hand or offering their help or service to you because they can see through and they feel what you truly need. You may also not see the helpful new beliefs or thoughts that are trying to come through and guide you to your destination.

The heart space is the space of ‘Namaste’, the space that unites and includes all differences and reveres the whole of life. In that space true genuine glorious lasting transformation happens and balance is regained.

Being open and receptive connects you directly with your feminine pathways which in turns activates the power of transformation and change in the direction you are committed to.

The main feminine qualities that you need to create a shift and move forward are:

  • openness
  • sur-rendering (eg. letting go of the old and trusting a higher purpose)
  • kindness (be kind to yourself, you are learning something new)
  • feeling your feelings and allowing your e-motions to flow through -in a healthy way- rather than deny them.

All transformative experiences happen in the realm of the Feminine! THAT is your Balanced Feminine Super Power!


4- Surround yourself with like-minded people

This is crucial!

Who you surround yourself with will either drag you down or lift you up! Hang out where there’s joy, understanding, upliftment, genuine care and humility and feel the benefits of that simple choice for yourself.

Get support, share with the right people to be kept accountable and stay on track!

THIS is your circle of light! Your circle of light will hold you when you need it most!



Remember one thing:

Nothing changes if you do more of the same; nothing changes if you don’t decide and take the first step. Life celebrates you when you take the first step! Big cheers! When you decide to take the first step, angels are placed on your path to guide you.


With love  x0








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