Come closer. Closer still.  Let’s meet where you are.

Kakini Yogini is an invitation to discover + deepen your relationship to yourself + your loves.

It awakens your true feminine nature and it celebrates who you are.

Your femininity isn’t something you strive to attain, something you pass or fail, acquire or lose. It isn’t a role you have to fake. It’s simply about being the real you.

When a woman denies her feminine essence, the side effects can range from passive aggressiveness, depression, anger, destruction, jealousy + manipulation. The feminine wants to be acknowledged, honoured + adored.

Kakini Yogini exists to help women deepen their connection to who they really are.

Over many centuries the feminine has been repressed, forgotten + misunderstood. Many women today wonder how to act in a world that values masculine qualities + masculine ways of surviving + succeeding.

It’s little wonder that both women + men today are aching for women to honour their unique truth. Not just for increased happiness + health for women, but for men + children too.

What does the Sacred Feminine actually mean?

Kakini Yogini exists to answer that question for women who are courageous enough to ask.

Why Kakini Yogini?

Kakini comes from Kakini Shakti, an ancient Sanskrit word that describes the energy of the heart. The Goddess Kakini sits in the heart upon a pink lotus. She represents devotion, openness + love.

Yogini means female Yogi. A Yogi is a practitioner of the yogic sytem + philosophy. A Yogini is a seeker of truth + union.

Kakini Yogini is the creation + gift of service of French-Polynesian Nandini Medici.

The Philosophy + Practice

  • Supporting women to rediscover and maintain a connection with their bodies + sacredness.
  • Supporting women to nourish themselves first to be a loving catalyst for the well-being of their intimate relationship, their family and their community.
  • Supporting women in understanding the major contribution they can bring to the world by simply rediscovering their sacred feminine essence.

Will you take a step closer to your truth?

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