Hello, I’m Nandini.


As a Female yoga teacher, circle facilitator, festival creatrix,  I’m deeply curious about what it means to be woman. Even as a young child, though I didn’t have the words for it, I was yearning for the nourishment of the Divine Mother and the embodied experience of the Divine Feminine.

In many parts of the world women still suffer a tremendous amount of abuse and injustice just for being “a woman”. In the West, women now enjoy a lot of freedom, choice and equal rights. Yet, I believe that women’s true gifts are still denied, repressed and suppressed not only by others but also by women themselves because we simply haven’t been shown the “how”, the “what” and maybe even the “why”. Why is the Feminine so crucial at this time for us  women as well as for men and for the healing of our planet?

What saddens me is that many women today barely recognise the feminine essence that quietly sits inside them, ready to rise.

Whoever you are, whatever you’ve been through, I know your unique feminine self wants to express herself. My work is about helping you unleash, open up + learn to receive in a gentle, yet powerful way.

This is what I know for sure: regardless her size, her shape, her past, her culture, her background, when a woman gives herself permission to embrace her femininity, she becomes radiant.

When a woman is awake to her feminine nature she feels balanced, yummy + truly beautiful.

// She experiences more pleasure in daily life.

// She is more creative + intuitive.

// She knows how to attract + hold onto the support she needs.

// She drops any needy or clingy behaviour in her intimate relationships.

// She is confident as life flows through her with grace.

// She knows from a power centre what is true to her and her actions feel good

The woman who is awakening her feminine essence is grounded, strong in her vulnerability, receptive, intuitive, connected + rather delicious to her partner. She can fall and that’s ok!  She learns and  always gets up more radiant.

Even though I  do fall at times, it doesn’t worry me any more as I now have the tools to learn and the support to get up and shine my light again.  This feminine state is how I live life most of the time.

It’s taken lots of mistakes, challenges and learning. It’s taken many years to embrace my true gifts + life path.

Here are some yogic highlights:

// At 14, I discovered yoga taught in a shabby dark building on my Tahitian Island. I enrolled on the spot, feeling I’d come home.

Here I found my first teacher + the woman who taught me about the Sacred Feminine.

// At 19, the president of the French Hatha Yoga Association noticed me + requested my beloved teacher allow me to teach yoga. With having no professional yoga teacher training, this experience showed me my true calling. I felt carried as my instruction flowed intuitively + magically.

// In 2003 I received initiation from Sri Mata Amritanandamayai Devi – also known as The Hugging Saint.

I believe that this radiant state is available to any woman.

To succeed or achieve empowerment, health + security, many women have followed the “normal” path. But the “normal” path is simply the “masculine” path.

My life purpose…

…is to share my discoveries of the Sacred Feminine in a way that helps you:

// Feel connected, grateful + at home in your body.

// Feel beautiful, sensual + yummy.

// Come to your essence so you can hear what your true calling is.

If you are willing to discover a more beautiful way to be a woman, I will support you in reclaiming your natural radiance.

My soul path is to teach + inspire women about how to recognise the Sacred Feminine, so they can feel more in touch with themselves, their partners, their children, their friends + their life and express their unique gifts freely. Some people say that I am a “Sacred Feminine Awakener”.

When I’m not supporting women to feel in tune with their bodies and intimate relationships, you’ll find me either creating The Empowered Feminine Festival;   supporting my husband at InSync Body Mind Life or happily at home with a cup of tea, some nice music + a good book .

I am a homebody at heart. And my worldly service is to call you home to your true feminine nature so you enjoy her delicious pleasures and contribute to your family and to the world just being who you really are.



Opening Ceremony at The Empowered Feminine Festival 2017


2016 Presentation on the Sacred Feminine at Canberra Summer’s End Festival.