What the women say…

Nandini is a strong, inspiring beautiful woman who resonates spirituality to all those around her. A kindhearted soul with courage and unconditional love. It has been a true blessing to encounter and have her in my life…a passionate dancer and a positive influence who believes so much in the journey of others and provides the emotional support to help those in need develop their full potential!

            Abirani Thevarajah, NSW, Physiotherapist and PHD student.


Full Moon Shakti Ritual Online Circles

I’m so grateful Nandini hosts her circles online. She has been a very important teacher in my life for a long time now and being able to still access these sessions since moving makes my heart sing. I always come out of these circles feeling supported, enriched and more connected. They’ve become a necessary part of my life guiding me to greater alignment and allowing more of my authentic self to shine. I can’t recommend Nandini enough, every session I’ve done with Nandini has improved my life immensely ❤️

Stephanie Menere, www.stephaniemenere.com.au


Sacred Feminine Coaching


Deena leaves in Bharein,

Deena had lost her joy and found herself again. She shares how in this video.

She shares her story and her experience in this video.

(2021 testimonial)



I have been fortunate to have been working with Nandini for over a year. The work we have covered in that time has been life changing. We have delved deep into my emotional, spiritual and subconscious self and in there found healing and light. I hope that I always have Nandini to help guide me through life’s challenges.’  ( 2020)

            Stephanie Menere, NSW,  www.stephaniemenere.com

Hi Nandini, I am so grateful for the healing coaching session you gave me. It was very transformative for me. Thank you so much for being such a light! (2019)

Kari Field,  USA, www.anandastrology.com
Thank you for all your guidance this year, I feel like my growth has accelerated and peace keeps becoming more and more a part of my body and messages are becoming easier to hear.
Stephanie Menere (2018-19)

Thank you so much again for yesterday. I think you’re really amazing and you totally went above and beyond what I imagined you would do. I really admire how connected you are to your intuition and also how accurate it is on such a deep level. So thanks.

            Melissa Christie, www.pcospathways.com

A year ago I found myself stuck and stalled in my life following a divorce from a long relationship, caring for Elderly and ill parents and my own ageing pathways.  Family and friends, work, my team at the gym were all helping me to ‘hang in there’ but it increasingly felt like I was losing my grip.  Loneliness, worry, fear and feeling more and more like hiding at home lead me to approach Nandini, my trusted yoga teacher, for some guidance and support.  I have been working with her now, on an individual basis for about 6 months, and am now starting to feel lightness and hope come back into my life. She has opened me up to new ways of feeling, she helps me challenge my beliefs that are keeping me stuck, she is helping me to welcome new ways of being in life that I would never have thought of or tried on my own.  She does all this with care, patience, thoughtfulness and joy. These meetings with Nandini have brought precious discovery and fun back into my world.  It is such a life changing gift.

Mary Pekin, ACT, Counselor

Workshops and classes

Your yoga classes are beautiful and like nothing I’ve ever been too before. You are just gorgeous and I have never met a woman that wants to help other women feel so good about themselves, in the way that you support, I love it! I feel so empowered after I leave. I look forward to the next Shakti Yoga course.

Fiona Murphy, ACT, Australia


I just love the way you teach/guide groups, the energy you emanate and the magic space you are able to create. I can the love and passion you bring to the space. I have enjoyed every single time I have attended each one of your classes! Your are an amazing teacher and I found that what you offer is unique.

Susie Chiriboga Allnutt (2018)


I had a crappy day today. Things not how I want them to be. Me not as I want me to be.
Then I went to yoga. The fogginess turned to clarity. 
I had a transformative meditation experience, and felt myself connect to the oneness of us all, and everything else fell away. My mind stilled.
I let go of all of my ideas. my thoughts. and i just felt.
i felt my body filled with electric lightness.
at the end of the meditation I had a vision.
I’ve not had an experience like this for a long time.
Thank you Nandini love your teaching! 

Jo Cit Prakash (Facebook share)


Thank you Nandini for facilitating so skillfully and lovingly such a nurturing, restorative and powerful Kakini Shakti Yoga Class. My body feels more loved and relaxed, my mind calm and centered and my heart open. Simply beautiful!

             Morgan Jai Morincome,  www.sacredinnerwild.com


Thank you so much for an outstanding day. Tonight’s class was absolutely beautiful and the workshop was exactly what I needed and such an eye opener!  You’re wonderful and are making such a difference in my life.

           Vickie Mackay, Finance Officer, ACT, Australia


The workshop was so grounding and truly nurturing, just what I needed and yes I feel great. I had such a strong feeling of gratitude at the beginning of the practice. You have a special gift.  Love & light

             Skye Regan,  Yoga Teacher + Mum, NSW, Australia Yoga With Skye


Nandini is living her dharma of helping women come into their own true nature and re-discover all the gifts of their feminine selves. We are so fortunate to have Nandini to share her insights and passion for the feminine through such beautiful and truly moving practices. Her women’s workshops are my anchor in a busy and increasingly isolating world.

            Katrina Hinton, Somatics Yoga teacher , Australia

I have been fortunate to do yoga in some wonderful places : in Broome on cable beach, in a Buddhist temple in Darwin , under the palm trees in Hawaii , in the mountain air in switzerland and many others . I have however had my best ever experience when attending the Kakini Shakti Yoga classes. It was a deep , transcendent experience, which led to a complete relaxation and release . It helped me to be more focused and alert , and improved difficulties I was experiencing with chronic pain. Nandini is a very skilled yoga teacher . She has a remarkable and unique gift, which she generously shares during her classes and workshops . Her kindness, gentle approach and beautiful smile, touches everyone who is lucky enough to meet her . Nandini , I can’t thank you enough and I feel truly blessed to have you in my life.

            Gesima Olney, Australia


Over the years I have attended many Yoga workshops run by Nandini and I’m always left feeling a renewed sense of connection with myself, as well as feeling inspired in life. I am often struck by how genuine and supportive Nandini is, and that she seems to intuitively understand the individual needs of participants. Nandini has an in depth knowledge of yoga and yogic philosophy, and is a very skilled teacher. I highly recommend her classes.

            Joanne Bradley, Naturopath, ACT, Australia.


Nandini is a nurturing and caring teacher. She is attuned and responsive to her students needs. Her “women’s workshops and classes” are well planned programs. I come away feeling revitalized and inspired; and after these days I always receive lovely compliments from my husband that I look so beautiful. Nandini is a true muse.

            LP, ACT, Australia


Thank you Nandini for the wonderful experience of Kakini Shakti Yoga. Each week I felt the benefits and healing energy discovering my feminine self and connecting with other women in a sacred safe space. I came away from each class restored and replenished. I highly recommend taking up this beautiful practice and experiencing Nandini’s wonderful grace and love that she shares in each class.

Jacoba Van Lith, ACT, Australia


Nandini’s  unique style of Yoga teaching has enriched my life. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of Yoga techniques, and her passion to impart these in such a professional, inspirational yet gentle way continues to encourage me to improve both physically, and ‘spiritually’.

 Jan Goodhew, Public servant & air pilot, ACT

Nandini has a real gift for enabling each session to be sacred.  I often go in with a busy mind, but know that it will settle and quieten with her soothing and encouraging ways.  She is a skilled yoga teacher with such poise.  I have been a regular in her classes for more than seven years.  Her ability to be present in the space is amazing and she leads others to join her in presence and stillness.  I love it!

             Lyndall Millburn, ACT, Accountant


I feel lucky to have met Nandini through her wonderful Ayurvedic treatments and recently attended a yoga/chakra workshop. I was struggling with serious sinus issues in the weeks leading up to this and feeling very tired and flat.  During the workshop, my breath calmed and I was able to soak into environment and reconnect. In the next few days I had the chance to apply for a really incredible opportunity – I was successful with this and had the energy and enthusiasm to later travel to Japan to attend and speak at a conference. I am so grateful for the feminine space that Nandini creates, both in treatments and workshops, I always leave feeling a type of restored power and authenticity.

             Emma Woolridge, Writer, blogger

Kakini Shakti Yoga is a great way to connect to the deep feminine  seed within…You    feel grounded, flowing and sensual! Feelings which aren’t common enough in these busy lives of ours.

             Michelle Hanson, Artist, ACT

For over five years I have been attending Nandini’s Sadhana class, initially in person and now online.  Every week I look forward to Nandini’s gentle and thoughtful practice which allows me to reset, take care of my body and soul, and develop a sound understanding of all limbs of yoga.  The online classes have been as welcoming and inclusive as in person.  Nandini has a way of bringing the group together as a whole as if we were all in the one room.  Thank you Nandini for nurturing us through these times.

Dr Lara Per, Medical Practice Manager


One Day Women’s Retreat

Prior to attending both workshops I was very tired and stressed. My sense of priorities had become very muddy and I was spending very little time looking after myself.I didn’t have much of an idea as to how the day would be structured, or whether or not I would enjoy it. With my busy family life, I was finding it very difficult to find large chunks of time to dedicate to my own well-being, but the idea of a single day retreat seemed very manageable.Nandini is clearly passionate about the health and well-being of women and her gentle approach to helping those on the program was wonderful. My experience of the program, is that it is beautifully structured to gently peel away tiredness and stress and bring clarity and a sense of peace to the mind. Doing her programme was like pressing the reset button. Nandini’s capacity to facilitate meaningful discussion was also fantastic. Many of the discussions gave me with great insights in how to make simple but impactful changes to my very hectic lifestyle. I am also much clearer now on how to foster more intimate and connected relationships in my life. I am hoping that Nandini continues to run these programs regularly for the well-being of women everywhere. I would recommend this program to any woman who is looking to ‘fill their tank’, wipe away their tiredness and refresh the mind. With much gratitude and respect

            Salena Kulkarni, Certified Property Investment Adviser, phoenixwealthgroup.com.au

The woman’s retreat was a wonderful way to spend the day. I left feeling nourished, inspired and supported in myself and feeling empowered to make positive changes in my life. The day was a nice balance of asana, dance, contemplation and fun! And the delicious lunch and treats provided were delightful. I would recommend this retreat for anyone looking to reconnect with themselves or just would like a beautiful day of relaxation and inspiration.

         Joe Bradley,  Naturopath, ACT, Australia

Kama Pleasure Abundance 108 {10 week course}

“It was extraordinary content, it was extremely creative, and well put together content. It was an honour to be one of the first students in this class. It was life changing experience, and a treasure.”

Sarah Issacs


This course has really helped me connect more closely with the feminine. I have also been finding time to do more things that bring me pleasure, and have let go of some things that weren’t serving me.”

Heather Tregoning


It was an environment where I felt completely safe and held so that I could come back into myself easily. Once I was back inside myself the sessions would gently remind me of different aspects of myself (my feminine) that needed enlivening. So I would leave a session feeling more full and connected.”

Laura Kemp


The course helped me by trusting the group, I was able to further the process of accepting me, for who I am. It also helped me to be more in tune with myself and the love for myself as this carries to the next level. The course was pleasurable, fun, exciting and there was a wealth of knowledge to gain. Her easy going, non-judgmental manner assisted me in feeling safe, comfortable and this allowed me to enjoy the course. I recommend this course as it is a great way to get in touch with your feminine.”

Rozalia Brien

What the men say…

I have known Nandini for over 13 years.  She is has an amazing beautiful feminine personality. Her spiritual maturity, wisdom and teaching experience in both Meditation and Yoga is able to change lives in absolute positive ways.  In my opinion, she is a master of the manifestation process, a master in teaching Yoga, Meditation and Healthy Living, and her generous, supportive and patient manners will certainly leave mark on you after any Yoga class, workshop or retreat. I  certainly recommend her to anyone.  Nandini is a wonderful  teache

Mario Sanguineti, Chief Software Engineer, ContentKeeper Technologies, Australia

Nandini’s yoga classes reflect a deep  knowledge of the ancient wisdom, a sense of fun, a love of movement, and a balance of strength and gentleness which ensures that the student is the focus of the class.  I have attended her classes regularly for around eight years and I looked forward to each one. She continued to introduce asana or variations on asana which were new to me so that each class was fresh and different. She is, I think, a wonderful teacher.

             Allan Stretton, ACT, Australia

I have started my Yoga practice about six years ago and have been following the practice regularly. During last six years I’ve had Nandini as my main instructor but I also had a couple of other instructors casually while she was away.Without any prejudice I say that Nandini had the best teaching methodology and character of all that I’ve seen for the last few years. She always brings new and innovative gestures, I can’t remember of having two completely identical practice for last six years, each practice has been  a new experience for me.

She combines the practice with the spiritual aspect of it so naturally that it is hard to match by anything else. Finally, I find her charming and her caring character makes the practice relaxing and rejuvenating for me. We are blessed in Canberra to have her in our beautiful city and hope that she will continue the Yoga classes for the years to come.

             Fariborz- Small Business Managing director, ACT, Australia