Full Moon Circle with Kate Clement and Nandini Medici


You can feel her at times

you can sense her

Sometimes you hear her whispers

Sometimes you shut her up and you shut her down


But deep down in your heart, You know she is in you

In fact SHE is YOU.

She is in the process of her own becoming

She is waiting for you to allow her to burst open or to unfold like the soft blossoming of a fragrant flower.


Within each one of us lies the full version of who we are at every given moment. Will you allow your curiosity to touch her heart?…to touch YOUR HEART?


This full moon circle will give you the tools, the collective power and the permission to shed old conditionings and birth/reveal new aspects of yourself in a fun, safe and loving way.


Our circle will include sharing, biodanza, meditation, reflexions and more.

Together we will call the spirit of the fullness of yourself so you can live an expanded life.



If opening up to being unapologetically yourself:

– in love and freedom

– in abundance and service

– in creativity and pleasure

– in beauty and power

– in kindness and compassion

Is your Heart’s Desire, then this circle is definitely for you!


You will be held sister, You will be celebrated and loved.



Who are your facilitators

Kate Clement

Kate is energetic, vital, passionate with a love for life. She is skilled and experienced at inviting people into transformational, life-enhancing experiences through Biodanza and other Biocentric processes. She has facilitated hundreds of experiences in the last 15 years for people of all ages, stages and life circumstances.

Kate has facilitated Biodanza workshops in Australia, Mozambique, Austria, the Netherlands, Brazil and Belgium. She offers Biodanza as a wellness and development activity to teams in government, schools and the corporate sector. In 2010 she established a programme in South Africa offering Biodanza as a social action in a refuge for teenage girls which continues in Johannesburg to this day.

Kate is truly a gem, you’ll love her and her teachings!


Nandini Medici

Nandini Medici is, in her own words, a ‘modern Yogini in progress’, she is a Sacred Feminine Awakener, a Women’s Empowerment coach, a Yoga and meditation teacher, an Ayurvedic therapist, a wife and entrepreneur. Nandini’s main gift and passion is to support women realigning with their Sacred Feminine Nature. Nandini helps women who have lost intimate connection to their body, wisdom and femininity to rediscover their magnetic power and create more balance and pleasurable in their life.

Nandini regularly facilitates events including free online women’s circles.

Nandini is also the founder of The Empowered Feminine Festival in Canberra. Nandini has also received a nomination on two occasions for the educational work she does with women.




When: Monday 28th May: 4-8pm

4pm- 6.30 pm Circle with Kate and Nandini

6.30 pm – 8 pm: Wholesome vegetarian/vegan dinner


Contribution: $65 (delicious wholesome vegetarian/vegan dinner + drinks included)


Venue: InSync Body Mind Life, 2A Barker, Griffith Shops, 2600




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