Mini  Kakini Series I: Awakening the Feminine

After reading my first blog, a few women said to me:

I want to know more

So I decided to create a  Mini Kakini Series: It’s a short blog, easy to read with 3 practical tips.


So how can I awaken the feminine in me?

First of all, the ‘how’ can be quite unique to each woman. There is both an individual and a universal aspect that needs to be taken into consideration.

Here are 3 tips to help us come closer to our “Feminine Yumminess”

1. Being less in the head and more in the body

The more you dive in your body, the more you realise how yummy you can be! Being in the body does not make you less intelligent. On the contrary, you will experience an additional type of intelligence.

The more the mind settles as a result of being more present in the body, the more we have access to your deeper essence.

What can I do to be more present in my body?

  • Choose a physical activity that you ENJOY! Have fun!
  • Practice a feminine type of yoga (they are emerging around the globe)
  • Dance (even if you think you can’t)
  • Choose the right type of meditation for you, practice it daily
  • Get regular massages (Hawaiian and Ayurvedic massage are perfect for us)
  • Explore sacred sexuality with qualified female teachers (I personally love Lisa Schrader )

2. Sisterhood

  • Surround yourself with women who are on the same path (go to women’s retreats, classes, gathering)
  • Learn from those who have travelled the path before you
  • Open up to your sisters and/or to a dear friend: let go of barriers, share your vulnerability, your needs, your desires.
  • Be as inclusive as you can with others

3. Authenticity with yourself first and then with others

Feeling “less than”

A common block for us women is comparison and jealousy.

Imagine a world where you could be yourself totally and share your deepest raw honest feelings…something like “I am so sorry, I have been comparing myself to you, I do not feel good enough, I envy you.” And imagine it being received with love and openness. Can you imagine the impact? You would both feel so much more connected, aligned and even healed! The great news is that we can now share ourselves more and more as we choose let go of our fears of being judged.

Feeling “more than”

Feeling better than another woman also creates an imbalance, for yourself first and also for the other woman involved.

So the first thing to do is recognise it for yourself and be kind with yourself (don’t beat yourself up).

You might also like to enquire: “Where is this feeling coming from? There may be a fear hiding behind it.

Or you might choose to let it go straight away because you know that it does not serve you or anybody else.

You may also want to apologise to this person silently in your heart or in person.

As a result, your energy will shift, your awareness will be more present in the heart and in the body and you’ll notice a shift in your relationship with yourself and with that person. You will feel better in your life and you will experience more flow.


With love,


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  1. Anne Berit Risan

    I just want to testify to the truth of this post! Having done it, experienced it, I can only say “Go for It” because it works and the result is nothing short of magical! The best part is, it is not about becoming something or someone new, it is all about coming back to you, yourself, your whole self.

    • Nandini Medici

      Thank you Anne for your sharing. Absolutely! It’s all in us already. Little techniques along the way can help us simply reconnect to what is in fact natural in us when we embrace our whole self. As you say “Go for it”. Good on you! Love x

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