Mini Kakini Series II : Awakening the Feminine

 It’s all about Self-Love… !

You would have heard it before and you would also know it for yourself…it’s all about Self-Love, right?!

 Here is the common definition of “self-love”:

  • regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.
  • belief you hold that you are a valuable and worthy person.

While this is valuable and useful information, for our purpose, this can be a bit limiting. The above definition could refers more to an intellectual belief or to a learnt behaviour. In some cases, self-love could be misinterpreted to selfishness or to being egoistic. The kind of self- love we are talking about is more a Knowing of our true inner nature as being Love itself. In fact saying “self-love” is like saying the same thing twice. The Self is pure love and Love is the Self.


So what happens when we experience genuine Self-Love?

When we experience genuine Self-Love, all that we feel, choose and do is Life Enhancing: we feel more vibrant, energised, happy, we see the good even in challenging situations, and we can even heal some diseases in some cases. We do what we do in order to share rather than to satisfy a need to be loved, seen or heard. We simply express what life wants to express through us. We all have this capacity.


Thoughts and feelings

Conscious thoughts and feelings based on self-love help us:

  • minimise the impact of unconscious and conscious negative self-talk
  • support helpful beliefs (and therefore helpful actions)
  • retain more sustainable energy throughout the day
  • open our heart to receive the good and express gratitude

Body Relationship

A Relationships with our body based on self-love helps us:

  • Listen and honour our body’s needs
  • Accept and embrace our body’s shape and size as it is
  • Feel delicious and beautiful



When we have enough healthy self-love:

  • we choose to connect with others
  • our relationships are based on having others’ best interest at heart
  • we can also choose to let go of unhelpful relationships (eg. people who don’t support us) but we do not through them out of our heart
  • we find ways to connect, understand and be kindly honest with someone who’s caused us trouble


When questions are based on self-love, we start asking ourSelves the right type of questions.


Instead of why do I always struggle with money?  we ask what can I do to improve my relationship with money? Or instead of why am I always feeling tired?  we ask what would it take to bring more energy to my being? or what is blocking me from having energy?.

 Remember that based on who we are, our answers will be unique to us!


Choices and actions

When we make choices from a place of self-love, we basically no longer choose to hurt ourselves and therefore others. We choose the path of love and we feel more connected.


Someone has let us down, we feel hurt and we feel resentment towards them. Most of us know and recognise that by holding resentment we are in fact hurting ourselves. The best way to truly and quickly let it go is to ask “do I really want to continue hurting myself? Is it worth it? If the answer is a true No!

Bingo we have reconnected with “YES” to life. YES TO LOVE!


When we are ‘bathing in Love’ which means experiencing our true nature/Self, everything falls naturally in alignment. We may have experienced moments or periods of that. However the truth is that unless we are a fully enlightened being; we are likely to experience a few hic-ups that will take us away from that bubbly bliss! Actually…this is a gift!

It is a gift because life got us where we expected the least. It is a gift because life always has our interest at heart. Somehow your Soul always has your interest at heart! The challenges we face are designed to bring light where there is shadow.


How to experience more self-love?

How to get there?

In fact we are already there! But…we forget that our authentic nature is loving!

We get lost. We are conditioned by our upbringing and/or society. We have habits. We make judgements. We believe our thoughts. We get distracted. We get too busy. We don’t listen to our inner voice. We are misinformed. We project onto others. We bury our true feelings. We don’t have the ‘right’ friends. We don’t understand that our mistakes and challenges are gifts. We simply ignore our true nature!

SO, it’s a matter of awakening more and more to ourselves.


Here are 5 accessible ways to remember our true nature and support ourselves in this direction:

1) Ask these questions: Can I choose love now? What would love do right now? (then DO it!)

2) Have a Gratitude journal: every day write at least 5 things you feel grateful for in your life.

3) Nurture yourself : enjoy nourishing yoga classes and massages, rest consciously, spend time in nature, go to a retreat, enjoy a bath, laugh for no reason. Do at least one of those things twice a week.

4) Feel your feelings so that you can let them go and feel lighter afterwards ~ my free 14mns meditation practice is designed just for that.

5) Meditate daily!

If you don’t have a practice already, try my meditation ‘back in your flow’ it’s so soothing!


In a nutshell, prioritise anything that is going to help you come closer to your inner nature.

Remember that you are loved beyond measure and that LOVE is your true nature. Whatever your past or current circumstances may be, you are never stuck – unless you allow it. Every moment gives you an opportunity to renew and recreate yourself. You have choice.

Our divine nature is calling us to awaken our Shakti! Open the door sister.


With Love,








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