Kakini Meditation Series: Being in Your Flow


This is a unique 19 minute guided meditation designed by Nandini with an soothing sound track created by the talented musician Shivam Rath.

Want a taste of it?

This meditation is designed to help you:

  • get back in your flow
  • settle the mind
  • connect with the breath
  • be present in your body
  • feel very soothed

The sound quality is highly enhanced if you use speakers or good quality headphones.

What women are saying:

Whenever I listen to it I feel transported into my inner world. I find the meditation very soothing and it awakens the sweet feminine part of me. The ‘shamanic’ like music reminds me of the sounds of nature of my island and it makes me feel connected. I do Nandini’s meditation whenever I need some nourishment, energy and groundedness. I really love it!

Heitiare, Tahiti, French Polynesia

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Meditation is best undertaken as part of a balanced life of work, relationships, physical exercise, and community service. It should never be considered as a substitute for medical treatment, for psychological or psychiatric counseling, or for needed medication. Kakini Yogini does not accept any responsibility for the misuse of this product. Should you have any doubts, please consult a physician or a GP first. Finally do not listen to this meditation while driving.


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More on Shivam’s music: http://shivamrathakasha.bandcamp.com/releases