This is the question of a lifetime and yet it is also no question at all because she is so totally part of us (men + women) whether we are aware of her presence and influence or not! This is a question for a book, a PhD, or a big juicy documentary and yet it is also no question at all because she is us, so close that we needn’t even ask!

And yet we do ask… because we want to know, experience, feel, express,  live and possibly embody the sacred feminine!

Until we’ve experienced the Sacred Feminine and until we’ve recognized the magic that lives in us through her ‘shakti’, this whole Sacred Feminine notion remains a foreign language that we may judge as dubious and turn our back upon simply because it’s beyond our knowledge and experience.

So what is the Sacred Feminine?

On one level, it seems that the Sacred Feminine is very abstract. On another level the Sacred Feminine is so concrete, so down to earth.

She is energy, movement, beauty, flow.

She is openness, receptivity, intuition.

She is sensuality and sexuality.

She is orgasmic.

She is connection, connectedness, union.

She is appreciation, gratitude and embrace.

She is creation, creativity and expression.

She is compassion and understanding.

She is the spark that lights up the fire of our passion.

She is mother ~ personal and universal.

She is daughter ~ personal and universal.

She is sister ~personal and universal.


And also in her love she is

  • Fierce
  • Unequivocal
  • Powerful
  • Raw
  • Authentic in her moods
  • Vulnerable
  • Limitless
  • Mysterious
  • Reverent
  • Sacred & devoted

 She is unified in the duality of human manifestation.

She is unified in her many faces.

She is unified in the unmanifested, the unseen, and the unknown.

She is the spark of creation, she is referred to as ‘ShaktiMa’.

She is mother Earth, she is you and me together.

She is all that and much, much more.

She is playing in us and when we learn to connect with her, we experience so much fun, freedom, delight, pleasures and we know that life is full of possibilities, beauty and sacredness.

How to awaken the Sacred Feminine?

There is no single way. She has many facets, many faces and therefore there are many pathways.

For me the awakening of the feminine is primarily through the Heart.

That’s why I’ve called my offering to the world ‘Kakini Yogini’. A Yogini is a truth seeker and a practitioner of Yogic Arts, science and philosophy. ‘Kakini’ is the energy of the goddess who sits in the heart.

Let’s define the Heart.

It is that space that is enabling us to feel deeply, know deeply and connect deeply. It is that space that is not bound by physical boundaries but is also in the physical space of the chest.

It is also a space that is in our belly, yoni, breasts and everywhere else in the body.

The space of the heart is unbounded and joins everything that is diverse. “The Heart, is like a needle – a needle joins everything and makes diverse things one.” Amma, the hugging Saint.

It is from this type of intelligence that we know, feel and experience the preciousness of life on our beautiful Mother planet we call ‘Bhumi’: Earth.

It is from this type of intelligence that we can do our ‘Dharma’ ~ soul purpose, on this planet.

It is from this type of intelligence that the feminine is awakened individually and collectively.

It is with the awakening of the feminine that true peace is found. Even Buddha had to surrender to the nourishment of the feminine before his awakening.

With love,

Nandini Medici

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