You’re here because you sense there’s a sweeter way to experience life, relationships + especially yourself…

Perhaps you notice your energy depletes easily. Perhaps your relationships feel strained, like there’s a lack of creative spontaneity + flow. Perhaps you’re consumed with negotiating power struggles when all you want is to feel nurtured, supported + (let’s be honest) adored.

How can you invite adoration from others when you refuse to adore yourself?

Perhaps you feel that you’d like to get in touch with your feminine wisdom, but you have no idea how or even what that actually means.

I spend most of my life exploring + awakening the Sacred Feminine within myself. You can read more about my journey here. Today I offer my knowledge, experience, understanding + yoga training in ways that help women embrace their innate beauty + truth.

Here are the ways I’m currently guiding women back to their heart’s truth.

Kakini Women’s Workshop

The Intention: To provide an opportunity for women to share sacred space, learn, connect and celebrate being a woman.

What Happens? Sharing. Inspiration. Connectedness. New Understanding.

Where + When? TBA: Keep an eye out for the next workshop or subscribe to our Newsletter to keep updated.

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Sacred Feminine Coaching

My Intention: To effectively guide you in reclaiming your full feminine power.

An awakened woman knows who she is, and attracts what she desires the most.

Chasing, fighting and pushing are symptoms of a woman trying to attain happiness + success in an overtly masculine culture. But these ways of being inhibit + suppress a woman’s innate power, radiance + grace. Her health suffers, her creativity + lust for life fades. Sacred Feminine Coaching will help you uncover + release the blocks that hold you back from being the woman you truly are.

If you feel the call to take off and be as radiant as you can be, I invite you to honour this opportunity to explore this 1:1 coaching service.

Sacred Feminine Coaching will:

  • Identify the blocks that inhibit your feminine nature and learn to clear them out.
  • Discover techniques to increase your radiance.
  • Teach you how to help your man give you the love you need.
  • Balance your feminine + masculine energy in your body, relationships + career.
  • Find the guy of your dream

Limited spaces are available for this service. Please contact Nandini if you feel the call.

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Kakini Shakti Yoga

The Intention: To provide a safe, joyful atmosphere for women to unleash their feminine essence, come home to their bodies + tune into their deepest wisdom.

What Happens? Each 90 min class offers a unique blend of feminine style yoga, flowing dance sequences + breath-work. You’ll move your hips, open your heart + feel the cheek-flushed-happy effects of this 90 min Kakini Shakti yoga class.


May Cause Spontaneous Laughter or Healing Tears to Flow Freely.

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Sacred Threads Circle

The Intention: To provide a sacred space for intimate gathering + silence. Sacred Threads is an invitation for women who yearn to experience the sacred.

What Happens? Silence. Magic. Reverence. New understandings.

The Sacred Women’s Circle is NOT a space to analyse, chat or solve problems. It is an opportunity to gather + to embody love. It’s also a monthly fundraiser for AMMA, a global women’s empowerment charity.

Where + When? Our circles are held throughout the year and will be announced via our newsletter and our Facebook page. If you wish to receive more information please contact .

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