Remember when you were a little girl doing cartwheels and somersaults?

Remember dancing around the house + rolling down hills with reckless abandon?

We’ll be doing none of that at Kakini Shakti Yoga.

But we will be moving our bodies with reckless abandon, wild spontaneity + a whole lotta love.

Kakini Shakti Yoga sounds exotic, but it’s simply the blueprint of how a woman ought to be moving if she is to feel happy + alive.

It’s a practice that merges yoga, flowy movements, meditative techniques, sounds, mantras, restoratives + breath-work so you can shake your life force the way you were born too. It’s the place safe enough for our hearts to surrender. In essence Kakini Shakti Yoga is a Self-Love practice, designed to to re-awaken our feminine heart, our female body and our creative life force: Shakti.

As you may guess…


This isn’t your typical yoga.

I am loving Kakini Shakti Yoga! I am definitely noticing benefits of increased goddess energy in my life! 

Rachel O’connor, Aboriginal Affairs Advisor, ACT.


I come away feeling revitalized and inspired; and after these days I always receive lovely compliments from my husband that I look so well. Nandini is a true muse.
L.P, medical business owner, ACT


See what other Women have to say about Kakini Shakti Yoga here.

You’re not expected to know all the asanas (or even know what that word means).

You’re not expected to contort yourself in ways that don’t feel delicious.

And you’re certainly not expected to understand anything about the Sacred Feminine…

You’re only expected to come with an open heart…

…ready + willing to experience a sacred mash-up of yoga, Ayurveda, feminine movements, + breath-work specifically geared for a woman’s body, mind + soul.

And the best thing? Every class is unique, so you won’t get bored with the same routines week in week out.

Every class has it’s own flavour. The feminine is all about discovery, spontaneity and enjoying new possibilities.

What is it, exactly?

Kakini Shakti Yoga is a  program of 90 min classes that combine yoga, flowy movements, meditation, restoratives + breath-work, yogic and tantric practices and whatever else is needed for the women present in the circle.


You have two options:

1- Come casually on Mondays, once a month. Check it out here.

2- Join the next course dates TBA


 Want a taster?

Come to a casual class!

You can get a taste for the magic of Kakini Shakti Yoga on Monday at 6.30 pm once a month. To see when the next one is please check out the casual class here.

Where’s the yoga-party at?

InSync Body Mind Life, 2A Barker street, Griffith Shops, ACT 2603 (above the IGA)

Good news: There’s plenty of car park available!

When is the next  6 week course starting?

TBA , if you are interested please email :


Big Juicy Benefits Include:

  • Feeling grounded in your body to combat the spaced-out, anxious feelings associated with living in your head.
  • Increased self-confidence, so you can believe in yourself + shine your light.
  • Increased ability to stay present + feel connected.
  • Re-balancing the flow of life force through Prana & Subpranas
  • Receiving the vital space to access your inner wisdom.
  • Harmonising your lymphatic, endocrine and hormonal system
  • Stretching + strengthening your body for optimal feminine function.
  • Honouring your feelings + releasing stuck emotions.
  • Clearing your mind + opening your heart to receive love + support + abundance in everyday life.

Photo: Kakini Shakti Yoga at The Empowered Feminine Festival 2017

The classes are led by highly qualified  Nandini Medici . Nandini specialises in holding space for women to surrender to their emotions, release their physical + emotional blocks + awaken their natural flow of joy.


With regular Kakini Shakti Yoga practice, not only will you learn to embrace your body (drop the self-criticism to replace with self-love), you will:

  • Reclaim your sensual goddess-nature + child-like innocence effortlessly
  • Release blockages that inhibit your natural energy.
  • Rediscover the essential you.


Q/ Do I need to be familiar with yoga before I join?

A/ No knowledge of yoga is required of students. Kakini Shakti offers a unique blend of yoga, Ayurveda, dance + breath-work. The most important thing is to come with an open heart + curious mind.

Q/ Do you offer casual classes?

A/ Yes and you are most welcome to come and enjoy a one-off. However if you are looking for transformation and feel open to learning and expereincing, the ongoing juicy benefits come from having consistent practice each week.

Q/ I have injuries, can I still attend?

A/ Nandini is an extremely experienced instructor who uses bolsters + other yoga props to support each student. She can tailor her teaching to you so that any injuries or physical limitations are honoured + respected.

Q/ I’m a guy, can I join in?

A/ No, these classes are specifically designed for women. Respectfully, men are not allowed to attend.

Finally, Kakini Shakti is specifically designed to help women access their innate wisdom, feel at home in their bodies + facilitate emotional release. If you are ready to deeply connect with yourself, you will love the support + spontaneous beauty that set these classes apart from the regular yoga class.

Are you ready to explore the fullness of your feminine expression?

Here’s what other women have to say

Your yoga classes are beautiful and like nothing I’ve ever been too before. You are just gorgeous and I have never met a woman that wants to help other women feel so good about themselves, in the way that you support, I love it! I feel so empowered after I leave. I look forward to the next Kakini Shakti Yoga course. Fiona Murphy, ACT 


  I have been fortunate to do yoga in some wonderful places : in    Broome on cable beach, in a Buddhist temple in Darwin , under the palm trees in Hawaii , in the mountain air in switzerland and many others . I have however had my best ever experience when attending the Kakini women’s yoga workshop. It was a deep , transcendent experience, which led to a complete relaxation and release . It helped me to be more focused and alert , and improved difficulties I was experiencing with chronic pain. Nandini is a very skilled yoga teacher . She has a remarkable and unique gift, which she generously shares during her classes and workshops . Her kindness, gentle approach and beautiful smile, touches everyone who is lucky enough to meet her . Nandini , I can’t thank you enough and I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. Gesima Olney


Kakini Shakti Yoga is a great way to connect to the deep feminine seed within…You    feel grounded, flowing and sensual! Feelings which aren’t common enough in these busy lives of ours.

Michelle Hanson, public servant, ACT.


Nandini has an in depth knowledge of yoga and yogic philosophy, and is a very skilled teacher. I highly recommend her classes.

Joanna B., naturopath, ACT.


Nandini has a real gift for enabling each session to be sacred.  I often go in with a busy mind, but know that it will settle and quieten with her soothing and encouraging ways.  She is a skilled yoga teacher with such poise. Her ability to be present in the space is amazing and she leads others to join her in presence and stillness.  I love it!
Lyndall Millburn, financial counsellor, ACT.




Kakini Shakti Yoga is one of Nandini’s most powerful offerings for women who yearn to experience feeling alive, juicy, open hearted and deeply connected to their bodies, hearts and souls.  Nandini started her first Women’s Circles in 2008 after feeling a great need for women to gather in Satsang. Nandini observed, felt and mostly experienced what women needed the most. Kakini Shakti Yoga was born during these workshops and got refined over the years as she continued learning from her students as well as teachers like Chameli Ardagh and Lisa Shradder. It is only in 2015 that she formally gave it it’s name.