Accelerate growth, awareness and feminine embodiment + influence

Scared Feminine Coaching

Initial 60 Minute Session

Together, we determine your needs, how you want to feel in your life and the best way forward for you.

Investment for the 60 minutes discovery session: $95


3 Month Commitment

In order to progress effectively, integrate and apply what you’ve learnt in your life, a 3 month commitment is required.

What you receive with a 3 month commitment:
  • Six 90mns sessions: 2 sessions per month
  • Personalised material such as audios and mini booklets (where appropriate)
  • Weekly What’App support
  • A personalised gift sent to you on completion of the 3 month journey to celebrate you!

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My approach

Every Sacred coaching session is customised for you as a unique individual with your specific needs and talents.

My gifts: Total honesty + Experience + Knowledge +Intuition


  • If your needs are not my turf, I will humbly let you know and direct you to someone more suitable for you, I want the best for you.
  • If you are serious about our sessions, I will gently and powerfully guide you to your answers, your truth and your opening.
  • We meet where you are
  • I am sweet and loving and I can also lovingly kick your sweet bottom when needed.

Experience & Knowledge

  • I have lots and lots of hours, days, years of teaching, facilitating workshops on my own or with others women and individual coaching.
  • I have myself experienced being coached and have attended several personal development programs/retreats/workshops/seminars
  • I have a daily practice, I regularly attend retreats and I continue learning daily
  • I have done several trainings in yoga, meditation, coaching and ayurveda


  • In my one on one sessions I am often asked “how did you know that?” or “how do you do it?” I respond that “you have access to it too and we are working together heading that way”.
  • It is very simple: I surrender to you completely and you silently whisper your needs and answers to me. When you are ready and open, YOU help me guide you to where your soul needs and wants to go.
  • There is an energy beyond the words, there is a language beyond the physical body, I have naturally learnt to read it because I fall in that category of people we call ‘oversensitive’ who are also very intuitive. I see it as a gift.

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Who is Sacred Feminine Coaching for?

For women who:

  • want to know and experience the joy and radiance of their feminine energy
  • wish to understand and embody being in they own feminine flow
  • wish to improve their relationship with themselves + their body
  • wish to know how to handle their emotions and evolve through them
  • wish to feel more confident
  • are ready to reclaim they femininity and feminine essence
  • wish to create an amazing relationship with their partner
  • want to enhance their sensuality, sexuality and attractiveness
  • care about their physical, mental, emotional health
  • are entrepreneurs and want to do it the feminine way
  • want to feel freer in themselves
  • wish to express their true gifts and talents
  • wish to feel and be more aligned with their life purpose
  • who wish to deepen their exploration and connection with the sacred feminine
  • for women who are ready to open up to their inner and outer beauty and share it with the world

What Women Say:


I have been fortunate to have been working with Nandini for over a year. The work we have covered in that time has been life changing. We have delved deep into my emotional, spiritual and subconscious self and in there found healing and light. I hope that I always have Nandini to help guide me through life’s challenges.’ (2020)

            Stephanie Menere,


Hi Nandini, I am so grateful for the healing coaching session you gave me. It was very transformative for me. Thank you so much for being such a light! (2019)

Kari Fiel,


Thank you so much again for our session yesterday. I think you’re really amazing and you totally went above and beyond what I imagined you would do. I really admire how connected you are to your intuition and also how accurate it is on such a deep level. So thanks ☺

Melissa Christie,


Working with Nandini has had a deep and lasting impact on my life. Her feminine coaching sessions 100% met me where I was at and were completely tailored and adapted as we went through the process. I have done a lot of self-help and therapy over the years, but her approach, practice, and spirit are unique. I felt heard, affirmed, and empowered in a way I have rarely seen in the helping professions – she completely believes in the people she works with. The time during the sessions and the curated activities (home play) that she designs just for you are well worth the investment. I am still using them today in new ways, with a greater level of confidence, ease, self-love and personal power. My only advice is to give a real go at her home play, trust the process and trust yourself. ( 2023)

             Emily K, Independent Consultant

A year ago I found myself stuck and stalled in my life following a divorce from a long relationship, caring for Elderly and ill parents and my own ageing pathways.  Family and friends, work, my team at the gym were all helping me to ‘hang in there’ but it increasingly felt like I was losing my grip.  Loneliness, worry, fear and feeling more and more like hiding at home lead me to approach Nandini, my trusted yoga teacher, for some guidance and support.  I have been working with her now, on an individual basis for about 6 months, and am now starting to feel lightness and hope come back into my life. Nandini has opened me up to new ways of feeling, she helps me challenge my beliefs that are keeping me stuck, she is helping me to welcome new ways of being in life that I would never have thought of or tried on my own.  She does all this with care, patience, thoughtfulness and joy. These meetings with Nandini have brought precious discovery and fun back into my world.  It is such a life changing gift. (2018)

             Mary Pekin, Consultant


Nandini is inspiring and beautiful! I am so ready to embrace my feminine thanks to her!

            Alyce Culnane, Nurse


             Video Testimonial .
           Deena shares her journey here.


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